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Songs From The Goodland - Mp3


The CD is based in Rock music but some have a Blues feel to them.  There are thought provoking lyrics and lots of different tempos. Songs of Love,Loss, and Hope for many palettes, all performed by great musicians from Santa Barbara CA.   At CD BABY, go to


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Zero To Sixty - CD

Mark Roberts: Zero to Sixty

Released in April 2012. This Cd contains a more assortment of musicians and singers. It is the first time Mark Roberts has used outside song writers on his works. "Strangers On A Train" by Terry Lawhon and Jeff King and "The Lucky Ones" by Cameron DeVries are unknown writers at the time of this press release. Besides writing five original songs, Mark collaborated 4 songs with Mimi Navarro and one with Dennis DeMarco. The rock songs are about situations between men and women, politics, attitudes, and metaphoric images. All with good hooks and melodic themes with dynamic solos on guitar, keyboards, sax, and harp.

 Mark Roberts; vocals,guitars,keys,programming,  Jan Garfinkle; piano and organ,  Theo Jennings; bass guitar,  Derek Hansen; drums,percussion,  Mark Murray; drums,  Glen Cantello; drums,  Barry Birmingham; drums,  Irene Fredricey; vocals,  Deb Carnal; vocals,  Tony Longo; blues harp,  Dan Diamond; accordion,  David White; harmonica, mandolin,  Dustin Jensen; cajon,  Justin Claveria; sax

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CD Baby
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Rock My Soul - CD

markroberts6.jpgMark Roberts' 4th CD. Released in November 2009. At CDBaby: Twelve original songs with guitar and keyboard solos written by Mark and co-songwriter Mimi Navarro. Songs about Love. Songs about Peace. Songs about Mark's experience in the hospital. Songs about America's Financial Crisis. In other words..........a little bit for everyone !

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Giving The World Away - CD

Originally from Indianapolis , Indiana Mark Roberts has lived in Santa Barbara , California long enough to call it home. The Mark Roberts Band roots/rock sound consists of drums, bass, guitar, and Hammond B-3 & blues piano.
The opening song,“Road Kill” says it all about being smitten by a woman on a motorcycle. This CD, released in Oct. 2006, reflects life’s situations of love and the rigors and joy of playing live music. Mark touches on faith and gambling in other tunes. Even though there are some outside players here, the CD mostly reflects the work of the touring members. Here are Mark Murray on drums, Theo Jennings on bass guitar, and Chris Rokusek on keyboards. Mark played the electric and acoustic guitars.
Mark’s influences are Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, U2, The Rolling Stones, and Robbie Robertson to name a few.
The Mark Roberts Band plays up and down the Southern California coast with Santa Barbara as it’s base.
Check out for playing dates.
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The Last Person in Paradise - CD

"Quagmire" opens this CD with suggestions to consider where the country is heading after 9-11. Songs of love and lust, putting your money where your mouth is, and the title song about trying to buy a house in southern california are all here. "Non Commital Man" is a character sketch . The Cd is a mix of rock and blues influences.
Mark found inspiration to write songs in Indianapolis, Indiana where he grew up and played many club dates. He currently plays along the Southern California coast with Santa Barbara as a base. Check out his website at
He has worked with Artist John Hiatt and lately with Producer Eric Gavin. The band begins Semi-Acoustic, then continues through the night with Electric Rock blending a powerful mix for dance and a satisfying palette for the listener.
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What's Up? - CD

In his 1st CD Mark Roberts plays guitar, sings edgy vocals, and writes mainsteam rock songs about situations and people. " Kiss The Sky " opens with love lost and found again followed by a song about the basics of life. "Halloween" conjures up a sarcastic image of love. "These Hands" show how the hands can have many experiences. The basic touring band consists of electric guitars,drums,and the Hammond organ as well as piano. The CD "What's Up ?"(ZILCH RECORDS) offers other instrumentation such as harmonica, mandolin, and sax. Mark Roberts has his roots in Indianapolis, Indiana where he fronted many bands and has worked with artist John Hiatt. He is a former member of the Santa Barbara Ca. based Riffzone band and has played in Southern Ca. for the last 20 years.
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